Was good while it lasted, eh?

I’m talking about our summer foray over the past 10 days. The kind of warmup that puts you over 5° above normal for the month.

Yeah, it’s over. At least for the next few days. Although we may squeak out an above normal day here and there, we’re not crushing the average temperature like we have been on several occasions since the 3rd.

First up, the cool night ahead. Yes, there is a chance we may see lows in the mid 30s in the suburbs. No, it won’t nuke those little plants you put in the garden during the warm spell. This is a light, scattered frost potential overnight, not a killing freeze.

I’d like to call this shift to cooler weather a big pattern change, but to be truthful, not much has/will change across the Lower 48 in the coming week. The cooldown can be traced to a protracted sea breeze influence (along with another back door cold front). Yes, the localized sea breeze can be it’s very own pattern change of sorts.

I know I promised the sun, moon and stars for the weekend. Plenty of heat and humidity and an outside chance of a shower/storm. Well, that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone. (Little old school Foreigner right there.) Today the warm front doesn’t make it in, and the we sit on the cool side of the fence.

In terms of wet weather, I’m tepid over the chances for a good dose of rain Saturday morning. With the front nearby, storms could erupt Friday night and slide over from New York. I’m hoping, but not ready to push the red button just yet.

In the meantime, the drought deepens. Deficits are running near 4″ in Boston and nearly 4 1/2 in Worcester since March 1st. And here I was worried about a wet start to summer.

Don’t laugh. We could have easily slipped into a wet pattern with the right twist in the jet stream. We’ve crossed that threshold, however. Now we need a little water to avoid a long, parched road ahead. (Notice I didn’t say hot…could easily be a cool/near normal summer with very little rain.)


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