It’s been said that a New England summer is Mother Nature’s way of apologizing for the winter. 

Apology accepted.

Highs made it into the 80s today with abundant sun and pleasantly dry air. Who’s not on board with that? Pollen seems to be behaving as well. Tomorrow is another day that will feature highs in the 80s. As a front crosses, we’re minding the thunder threat too.

This time around, the South Shore has a chance for storms. It’s all about timing and placement of the cool front that will be crossing – or should I say leisurely strolling – across the Commonwealth. In the first part of the day, it sails through Northern Mass. Second half sees it put the breaks on and inch across the South Shore and out through the Cape. Because the front is dry and bony, it should only trigger a couple of storms, so this isn’t an outbreak nor a multicell situation. Heck, at a 30% chance, I wouldn’t even cancel plans over it.

Warmer air comes in on Friday, but the humidity will be kept in check thanks to the above front. What I’m wary of in the coming days is a plume of smoke from wildfires burning in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

A plume of smoke from these fires has moved south into the United States and is currently wafting through the Mid Atlantic States. 

It’s that light white that you see over most of Virginia, Delaware and Maryland. 

Is it me, or have are we now spending our summers watching the boreal forest burn in Western and Northern Canada? Yes, it is a byproduct of the warmer world we live in and one that we will see more of in the years ahead, but these wandering plumes of smoke also shroud our sunlight and cool our temperatures. (See last summer.)

Still questionable how much gets up here in the coming days. I’m thinking some haze will be present both tomorrow and into the weekend – at least into Saturday before the winds turn to the north.

In any event, smoky skies are probably the least of your worries this weekend. Another slow moving front will cross on Saturday, triggering a couple of showers (early) and a possible storm south of the Pike (late). The day’s not washed out, but it’s not all that bright…nor as warm as the next two days. Sunday is the pick of the weekend and a lock for catching some rays.


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