Here For The Long Haul

Highs left a lot to be desired today. Only in the low 50s areawide. While we start a slow climb to normal tomorrow, the ever-present threat of an afternoon sprinkle will loom into the weekend.

Typical under an upper-level low. 

That area of green is the core of the coldest air. Notice how it goes all across New England. It also helps in producing clouds and precipitation…of all types. Showers, snowflakes, and these:

That was graupel folks. A small, hail-like pellet of rime ice. As a rule, if it’s 2-5mm across, it’s graupel. If it’s greater than 5mm, it’s hail. Simple, no? 

We might seem more of that in the days to come as that cool pool of air continues to spin overhead. Before you get down, however, keep in mind that there will be a slow climb to normal into the weekend as this feature moves away. Each day will see a decreased chance for a shower too…until Monday, when we bump it back up to 40%.

Chilly nights ahead. Suburban frost is possible. Check the graphic to the right for the average dates of the last frost.

Stay warm.