Reckless, revealing and ugly– this debate was all of that.

And — as usual — Donald Trump was at the center of the storm aimed at washing him away.

The Donald was the Donald, delivering another one of his in-your-face performances that should be trademarked.

If Republicans think Trump won past debates, they’ll think he won this one, too.

And please note the color of the trademark symbol is teflon-gray, because nothing seems to stick to him.

With time running out, Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich continued their battle to become Trump’s top challenger.  

In this debate, John Kasich won that fight.

The hotter the debate got, the cooler he got. 

His experience in government served him well.

He was often — as he said — the only adult on the stage.

Another winner:  Canada. 

According to news reports, interest in moving to Canada is increasing as the possibility of a President Trump goes up.

For some, tonight will boost the appeal of moving north.

The biggest loser was Marco Rubio.  He was desperate and frustrated, which is understandable given his performance in the primaries.

The Republican Party was doomed to lose, and did. 

The G.O.P. Is split and isn’t even trying to hide it.

As the party’s candidates attack one another, establishment Republicans criticize gop voters who support Trump.

It’s a prescription for political suicide.

This was the eleventh G.O.P. Debate.

In the first, there were sixteen candidates.

Tonight, there were four.

The biggest question for the Republicans now is how to get it down to just two.

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