Donald Trump is obviously smart … smart enough to outsmart just about every observer of this campaign.

But, tonight, I think, he out smarted himself.

While the Republican candidates for president were fighting it out, Donald Trump was chickening out.

To me, that’s enough to make Trump tonight’s biggest loser. 

By dodging the debate, and trying to run out the clock on the Iowa caucus, trump revealed — once again — how unpresidential he is.

Plus, he humiliated his party.

Maybe Trump is right, and I’m wrong. (It wouldn’t be the first time).

But Trump’s move actually makes me wonder whether he wants to be president.

The winner of the debate was Florida senator Marco Rubio.

He was continually attacked, but never seriously wounded.

While the other candidates talk like candidates, he talks above them — like a president.

The loser was the Republican party, because the party appears to be lost, and is certainly broken.

When you can’t even get all your candidates to a debate, all you can do is be embarrassed, and the GOP should be.        

I suppose TV ratings will decide who won the showdown between Trump and the rest of the republicans.

If you wanted to watch a future president — then I think you watched the debate.

And if you wanted to see a performer, you tuned into the Donald.

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