The Big Apple primary turned out to be small potatoes.

In fact, it was no potatoes.

"Thank you New York!" said Hillary Clinton (D-New York) at her victory rally in New York City. There were plenty of cheers for Hillary Clinton, because she won the primary she had to. But what exactly did she win?

Before New York, Bernie Sanders was her biggest obstacle to the White House, and he still is. She’s closer to the nomination, but still hasn’t won it. So her struggle with Sanders will continue.
"I think Secretary Clinton is a bit nervous," said Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) in State College, Pennsylvania. Because Bernie isn’t going anywhere.

Even if he doesn’t have the votes, he does have the money to keep campaigning right up until the convention, which he says he’ll do, and which will make Hillary Clinton miserable for months.
"I’d like to thank everyone here, I’d like to thank my family" said Donald Trump (R-New York) at his victory rally. It’s the same on the Republican side, where Donald Trump–thanks to his victory–no doubt loves New York a little bit more than he did yesterday.

But Ted Cruz and John Kasich aren’t going away in a New York minute, either. They’re both still hanging around, making a contested convention for the Republicans even more likely.

It looks like the primaries are effectively over. They’re almost sure to make Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee. And almost certain to make the GOP Convention in Cleveland "the decider" in the Republican race.

New York didn’t change that at all; it just confirmed it.

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