You can ask, but I can’t tell you who the next president will be. I don’t even know whether it will be a man or a woman.

But, after Wisconsin, here are seven conclusions:

One: Donald Trump is in trouble. It doesn’t look like he’ll win the Republican nomination on his own. That means he’ll need some support at the Republican National Convention. Trump thinks he’s a great deal maker, but the convention may deal him out.

Two: For Republicans, Ted Cruz is the cure that could be worse than the disease. Don’t forget that the "T" in Ted could also stand for the Tea Party, which is not a national party. Enough said.

Three: Don’t count out John Kasich. He’s like a basketball team that hangs around and then steals the game at the end. Kasich’s selling point is that he’s the only Republican who beats Hillary Clinton head to head in polls.

Four: As for Hillary herself, let’s drop the "in" from "inevitable," leaving us with evitable, which means avoidable. She’s lost six states in a row and she’s still not connecting with men or millenials.

Five: Bernie Sanders is not an impossible dream. If he keeps winning, you can be sure the superdelegates who are now for Hillary will start feeling a third degree burn.

So, six: How about two contested conventions? The Republicans seem certain to have one, but the Democrats could, too. And polls say Sanders is their strongest candidate–he beats all the Republicans.
Finally, number seven: The road to the White House has become a giant sinkhole, so deep and so wide no candidate can avoid all of it. As for voters–they’re in quicksand.

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