This is a Memo to the Republican Party…And the subject is “stop” with an exclamation point.

Does everyone who owns a tie with elephants on it think they should be president? Because that’s what it seems like.

Today it’s former Sen. Rick Santorum. Next week Sen. Lindsey Graham will get into the race.

Soon you’ll need a freight car to carry all the GOP candidates around.

I’m not kidding and, for Republicans, this is no joke.

Take a look at Republican-Candidates.Org:

There are 26 declared and exploratory candidates. And–just in case that’s not enough–there are five more potential candidates.

Stop! More is less!…as in less media coverage and less voter interest.

Here’s the truth: When there are too many candidates to cover, the coverage is destined to be diluted.

And primary debates–which can help voters decide whom to support–won’t be any help at all.

Remember the crowded GOP Presidential Debates of 2012?  The largest had nine candidates. This year, the first two debates will have ten…And one sponsor will have a second debate for all the others.

Imagine the dynamic: How can a candidate possibly stand out? To be remembered, you have to say something insightful, or extreme. And, since it’s so much easier to be extreme, that’s what you’re going to hear. 

But extreme candidates don’t become presidents.

Republicans: You have a history of hurting yourselves. So please think of all your candidates as sharp objects, and–for your own safety–take some of them away.

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