Everyone seems to be asking, “When?  When?”  I’ve seen it all over social media, and I’ve even been asked by neighbors… and it’s always the same question, “When will we have consistent temps in the 70s?”  Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Hold your horses here for a second.  We have yet to make it up to 70 degrees in Boston this season, and it doesn’t look like it will make it in the books this week either.  

With all of that said though, it’s really not the right time of year for us to be seeing temps in the 70s.  The normal high for the last week in April is right about 60 degrees.  Today may have felt chilly, only in the mid 50s, but it still wasn’t too far off from “normal.”  It did feel a little chillier than it should have though, because of the NW breeze – I’ll give you that.  But all in all, it really was a perfect spring day.  It’s been the type of Saturday many of us will wish for once we get into the humid heat of the summer.  

Climatologically speaking, highs won’t be in the 70s until we make it into June.  So, if you’re looking for an answer to the question, “when?” – there you go.  If by my saying so, you’re feeling a little perturbed right now, I will also add that it’s not out of the question to get there before then… it’s just not “normal.”  We know what “below normal” feels like, since we’ve been riding that wave more days than not since February.

Hopefully you did enjoy today’s weather, because tomorrow will be very similar.  We will start out with frost in the ‘burbs… So, if your green thumb has been antsy to plant-sy already, you’ll want to bring those plants and starters inside again tonight.  You can also “tuck ’em in” before bed.  If you throw a blanket over your in-ground plants, it will hold in some of the residual heat from the day (just what our bedding does for us), and you’ll protect your little buds from the frost.

Tomorrow afternoon, temps will again be in the mid to upper 50s with clouds increasing and a possible, short-lived sprinkle.  It’s a rinse-and-repeat, carbon copy of today’s weather, with one catch; the sea breeze will keep coastal areas in the low to mid 50s.

Monday is still pretty chilly, but this looks to be our better chance for some light rain.  Showers will arrive in the afternoon and evening, and could even linger into Tuesday morning.  These are just scattered showers though… No soakers here.

We have been spending a lot of time asking for temps in the 70s – but we really do have more days in the 60s to enjoy.  Let’s be honest, after the winter we had, the first day we hit 45 sent people out into the world with jazz hands, light jackets and flip flops on.  Mid 50s only feel cool to us now because we’ve “seen the other side.”  That “other side” I’m talking about are the couple of days we’ve made it into the upper 60s.  We’ll get there next weekend I think… and maybe even 70… but until then, the middle to the end of the week are lookin’ pretty good, with partly cloudy skies and seasonable highs.  

It really has been “Breezy in Boston” lately, no?  :c)  – (That’s my nickname, you know; “Breezy the Weather Gal”) – Bri

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