Just about normal today – all around. Highs in the upper 60s, gentle sea breeze at the coast, and occasional clouds rounded out the day.

But you didn’t come here for a wrap on today’s weather. You want the weekend forecast for you tee time, cookouts, gatherings, camping and yard work. And I’m here to deliver the goods. 

There’s been a slight amendment to the forecast for the last 1/3 of the weekend. Instead of being bone-dry, there’s now a chance at some showers in the mid (Central Mass.) to late (Eastern Mass.) afternoon. Not ideal, but it beats the alternative: a soaking rain all day.

Saturday kicks off the weekend on a cool note. Highs only in the low 60s with a dry, brisk wind to 20-30 mph. You won’t really like it if you’re trying to keep “disposable dinnerware” from flying around while grilling…or attending the Sox game or anything else besides kite flying. Winds will settle Saturday night and be much more gentle on Sunday and Monday. Speaking of Sunday, it’s the pick of the three days with tons of sun and highs in the mid 70s. 

Oh, yeah, tonight and tomorrow. Watching a band of showers off the Jersey coast creep in overnight. Much of the rain that falls will be both focused on the Cape/Islands and occur in the wee hours of Friday morning. If you sleep in, you’ll miss the show. Northernmost edge of the raindrops will be Greater Boston. Then we increase the sun and wait for some widely scattered showers in the mid afternoon as a front crosses. This is the front that sets the stage for the chilly night Friday night and chilly day on Saturday.

No one’s really looking for a forecast after the weekend, but I want to give you an early heads up on the heat building from Tuesday afternoon through Friday of next week. It’s summer stuff. – loaded with heat and humidity. In addition, thunderstorms will fire in the afternoon, some of which may get nasty and/or drop serious rainfall. It’s a chance to put a dent in the drought, and we’ll be watching with baited breath.


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