Mother Nature provided us with a little natural shade and sunscreen today, with the layer of clouds in the sky.  Surprisingly though, it didn’t really keep the temps from rising this afternoon.  Highs were right around 80° for most; still more than 10 degrees above seasonal averages.  It’s amazing to me how much cooler it can feel without the blazing sunshine on your back.  80° yesterday felt so much warmer than 80° today with filtered sunshine.  Not a bad Memorial Day.

So many of us consider this weekend to be the “unofficial” start to summer.  However according to the forecast, this looks more like the “official” start to summer.  We really did skip right through spring.  I’ll tell you what:  It’s starting to feel like 2015 is all about extremes – From extreme cold and snow totals, to extreme heat and humidity?  Maybe so.

Under a SW flow, our temps will rise and so will the dewpoints.  We could even hit the 90° mark NW of Boston tomorrow… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Get used to the mid to upper 80s, because that’s where highs will be throughout this week and the humidity will be sticking around as well.  Dewpoints yesterday were in the 30s (VERY dry, which was beneficial in keeping the showers away today).  Today, dewps were in the mid 50s – which is comfortable.  Tomorrow, dewps move into the lower 60s (starting to feel it) and by Wednesday we’ll all be doing everything we can to keep our hair do’s from looking like a Troll Doll.  Well, at least I will be.  Hot, hazy and humid… That’s the theme of this week.

Now, all of the ingredients for pop-up thunderstorms are sort of hanging around almost every afternoon this week; moisture, energy, instability… So the chance is there for some pop-up showers and/or rumbles of thunder if all of those ingredients come together at the right time and place.  I give it a slight chance for Tues (10%, more likely to the NW), a decent chance on Wednesday (20%), and most likely for Thursday (30%).  Either way, keep your eyes open and your ears perked – and remember:  “When thunder roars, go indoors.”  I’ll be hoping for these showers and storms… We really, REALLY need the rain.

Back to the grind for most of us tomorrow!  I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend with all of your loved ones, celebrating those who made it possible for us to do so. – Breezy

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