How Dry We Are

I’m not entirely sure, but I think the summer pattern may be starting to evolve. One that features the heat in the Pacific Northwest and High Plains, rain in the Southern Plains and Southwest and a dry summer (that may lob between warm and cool) in the East.

Not good.

We’re in a drought. One that has left us with 4 1/2 + inch rainfall deficits since March 1st. Some places have seen very few showers this month.


And so it goes. We’ve also been above normal since May 3rd. That makes us 4.5 degrees above normal so far this month!

But it’s about to change. Cooler air is coming in. It should push us to near normal temperatures for the next 7 days. Right now the warmest days seem to fall on Friday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.

Now how about some showers tomorrow? Who’s with me? Cool winds off the water chilled us out this afternoon and brought in the low clouds last night. They should spare us any storms in the early part of the day tomorrow, but with a little afternoon clearing, we could fire some between 5-8pm in Central and Eastern Mass. tomorrow. Cross you fingers for some water, but don’t come crying to me if you get a glancing shot or are missed entirely. As you know, that’s how it rolls with storms.

Miss it tomorrow, and the wait will be long for the next batch. Try, er….I’m not entirely sure to be honest. Slight risk of a passing shower Friday (30%) then another on Memorial Day (30%).

Now you see where I’m coming from.