We’re almost there. We just have to grit our teeth and muscle through the next two days.

I’m making it sound worse than it really is. Not like we have a nor’easter bearing down on us. It’s simply a northeast wind that will chill us out in the coming days. Friday it gets downright cold in the afternoon and evening, so keep that in mind if you’re heading into town.

Showers will be mighty scarce in the coming days too. Just a little sprinkle tomorrow, then mostly dry through the weekend. 

And that’s when we start to see the tide turn. Winds shift and the upper atmosphere warms. It’s really that simple, now that 

Yes, May first is the beginning of solar summer. As you know, I’m a big fan of the solar seasons. The sun leads, the seasons follow is my weather mantra. Sun angle is the key to all the solar seasons. According to our records, May sun angle is high enough to boost us to 90 or better from the early part of the month to Memorial Day. 

Hardly that simple in this climate (although it’s getting easier with climate change), yet we do have opportunities when the sun and upper atmosphere align. This time around, 90s are out, but certainly someone may hit 80 on Monday with enough warm air swarming in. Cooler readings on the Capes, btw, so don’t look for beach weather there yet.

This warmth looks to get cut off at the pass by Tuesday as a cold front slices through. Instead of a sharp cooldown, I’m seeing a mellow one. We’ll go back to the 60s – not 40s and 50s. 

Now that’s a step in the summery direction.


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