What a wild ride today!  BOS picked up 0.25″ of rainfall early in the morning, but the temps were still able to rise close to 80° before the cold front moved through (#FroPa, for those of you wondering why I kept tweeting that today, it’s secret code for “frontal passage!”).  When I came into work around 2:15pm the temp in Boston was 73°.  Yes, I got some funny looks when I was walking in with an umbrella, a hooded jacket and rain boots… but I knew what was just on the horizon.  Not even 20 minutes later, the temp was 59° and the skies began to open up.  #FroPa.

Mother Nature was playing “Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo” with where the downpours ended up, but for the spots she chose – those areas got the fire-hose.  All along the Mass Pike from Worcester to Boston, rainfall rates were about 1-3″ an hour for about an hour…  In fact in Berlin, CT 5.25″ of rainfall fell in about 2-hours time!!  That line of heavy rain and storms is continuing to to slide south – and will continue on that path through the evening.  Thunderstorms will also stay to the south of the Pike.  Most of the lightning and thunder has been favoring the Providence/Hartford areas – but even some rumbles and strikes were reported in SE Mass.

Interesting the areas that didn’t see much rain today:  I got a report on Twitter from New Bedford this evening of “0.00000001 inches” of rain.  That made me giggle.  Clearly not a trained weather spotter, but you get the idea.  The showers were late to the party along the South Coast and also Cape Cod.  It was a beautiful day on the Cape!  Don’t worry – No one will be left completely dry by Tuesday.

We really need the rain, but not so much in such a short amount of time!  Everything is so dry that it makes it really hard for the fast falling rain to absorb into the ground.  There were many impassable roads this evening because of the standing water.  Don’t forget:  #TurnAroundDontDrown.  You never know how deep that water is, so you should never attempt to drive through it.  Several cars were left stranded in impromptu ponds created by this mess.

While we’re in for a break in the rain during the overnight hours – it turns back on again early tomorrow morning.  The front that is causing all of this trouble will stall out near S. New England and we will stay unsettled through Tuesday night.  Like I said… If you didn’t get your fair share of rain today, there will be more opportunity for you to get in on the party, too.

Thanks to that #FroPa, we’ll stay very cool for the next couple days.  Our lows tomorrow morning are right around 50° and we’ll really struggle to do much warming as we move through the day.  Temps will also stall, much like our front, keeping the mercury in the 50s – through Tuesday.  That jacket you haven’t worn in a while?  See if you can’t find $5 in the pocket when you break it out again this week. I love it when I surprise myself like that!  ;c)

Here’s my fashion forecast for Monday:  Jacket, umbrella, and irrigatin’ boots (because they’re stylish in some parts of the US).  At least we’ll have a few days for your Saturday sunburn to heal.  – Breezy

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