I’ll be honest with you….a rainy day on a Monday doesn’t get me down–now, a rainy weekend?! –that’s completely different. I mean let’s face it, we do need rain at some time (since April we are running a nearly 5″ deficit in rainfall) and nobody wants that rain on a summer weekend so why not on a Monday?

Today’s rain is of the good variety–no severe storms tied to the raindrops, no flooding rain and that rain is widespread (everybody get’s the love). I think the rain is steadiest this morning and it will taper off to clouds, showers, drizzle after 4pm. In terms of the amount of the beneficial rain. most towns should get between .25-.50″ of rain with some towns along/west of I-495 could pick up between .50 & 1.00″ of rain. The reason for the rain is a warm front that with time will live up to its name–but not today. Temps will spend the entire day in the upper 50s.

By tomorrow the warm front departs, taking with it the widespread rainmaking capabilities as well as the cool temps. Watch for temps (and humidity) to jump by afternoon with most towns near 80 by tomorrow afternoon. So the warm front is gone but enter a cool front late day. This front will bring a renewed chance of rain late day but unlike the widespread rains of today, Taco Tuesday will offer scattered thunderstorms –read: not a washout.

This cool front sets the table for a fantastic Wednesday…sunny skies, low humidity and seasonal temps.

Enjoy your rainy Monday.


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