The FDA has approved a new product that protects prostate cancer patients from the side effects of radiation.

When David Reeves learned he had early stage prostate cancer, he wanted it taken care of quickly.

Dr. Rod Ellis inserted radioactive seeds into David’s prostate to give it continuous radiation to help kill the cancer.

It’s called breachy-therapy.

But he also did something brand new – David is the first in the nation to get a new treatment that will protect his other organs from radiation side effects.

“The advantage of this device is that it reduces the risk of late side effects of radiation for these patients, whether done by external beam radiation, breachy-therapy or stereotactic radio surgery,” Ellis said.

“We live in an area of the country where we’re blessed with very cutting edge medicine, so I’m comfortable about it and I’m excited to be a part of it,” Reeves said.

After the seeds are implanted Ellis injects a hydrogel that creates a pillow like barrier that the radiation can’t get through.

“We probably added at least 12 mm of space between the prostate and the rectum. Since the breachy-therapy sources only give a high dose up to a centimeter away from the source we’ve spared giving a high dose to the rectum,” he said.

It’s an outpatient procedure, and patients get back to work in just days.

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