Local father’s special request for Kenny Chesney in honor of his son

WOBURN, MASS. (WHDH) - A local man took to Facebook to request a special song at this weekend’s upcoming Kenney Chesney concert at Gilette.

Al Briere, 53 of Woburn, identified himself as a father of four children, including his son Joey, who would have been 24.

The Briere family lost Joey in January, 2011 after he suffered severe head trauma in a car accident.

The family started the Joseph Briere Foudation, which donates thousands of dollars to various charities each year, according to the father’s Facebook post.

They hold an annual golf tournament to raise money, and their latest video compilation featured Kenny Chesney’s “Happy on the Hey Now.”

Briere and his wife, Tricia, will attend the concert on Saturday at Gillette Stadium.

He said “Who You’d Be Today” has “touched me deeply since losing Joey,” so hearing either song live would be incredible.

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