Been a pleasant stretch as of late, but nothing too hot to handle. Indeed, with temps averaging over 3 degrees below normal, beach days have been few.

The real heat has been isolated and intense where its surfaced in the Southeast and the Southwest. Only thing hotter is probably the Bikini Bike Wash up in Laconia during Bike Week. As the big event slowly winds to a close by the weekend, we’re facing the prospect of some rain for the official start to summer and Dad’s Day.

I don’t want to keep harping on the lack of rain, but I almost have to. To grasp the scope of the drought, allow me to pose a question to you. 

The lack of rain has been an issue in parts of the Northeast over the past 

a) Few weeks

b) Month

c) Since winter

d) For a couple of years

If you answered d, you are correct. With only a few exceptions, our inconsistent rain has been an issue in parts of New England since 2013. Currently, the Northeast River Forecast Center, is showing deficits of over 12 inches in parts of Maine, NH and Vermont! (See right.)

These feeble frontal passages are not the cure-all for a drought, but we’ll see a string of them in the next 7-10 days. That’s essentially our pattern for the next couple of weeks. One that keeps us on the fence for rain AND keeps the steam heat at bay.

Showers may cross tomorrow briefly and lightly as a front takes the 1st part of the day to cross. Sets us up for a dandy of a Saturday before Sunday sees a close swipe by the remnants of Bill. Although in weakened form, Bill will still pack some hefty downpours. Those will follow his track across Washington, D.C. and New York City. We’re on the periphery, so some showers will be likely. Although the entire day isn’t washed out, we will be threatened with showers from sunup to sundown.

Cross you fingers for some beneficial water.


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