After starting the morning off obscenely cold, we’ll manage to climb into the upper 20s and lower 30s by this evening. I use the term “obscenely cold” because, let’s face it, that’s what it was.  The temperature hit -21 in Norwood, -17 in Orange, -15 in Taunton and a whole bunch of towns ran near -10. At least we start with sunshine though, right?  Our morning sunshine fades behind thickening clouds this afternoon as we await the first flakes to fly. 

Storm Headlines:
-Snow starts 4-5PM. Transitions to freezing rain/rain from 9pm to 2am from south to north.  1-3″  in Boston/SE Mass, 3-5″ along & northwest of 95.
-Freezing rain is likely in Southeast Mass after 9pm. Even if temps warm above 32, the ground is so cold, icing still can occur.
-Several hours of freezing rain is possible in Southeast Mass. Ground is extremely cold, ocean very cold as well. Slow “warm-up” there.
-North of the Mass Pike/West of 95, we keep it mostly snow with just a light icing/drizzle late overnight.
-Precipitation totals run 0.50-1.00″ (liquid equivalent of snow/ice/rain) with highest totals over Southeast Mass.  
-Add that weight (another 2.6-5.2lbs/sq ft.) into the current snowpack, and more stress on rooftops is a concern.  Keep cleaning those flat roofs!
-Rain totals won’t be enough for river/stream flooding, however, clogged drains may lead to street flooding in Eastern and Southeastern Mass.

Snow/ice/rain tapers to drizzle/freezing drizzle overnight and then drizzle ends northwest of 95 by 5am Sunday, by 7-8am in Boston, by 10am for New Bedford to Plymouth and by noon for the Cape. Sunday afternoon temperatures hover in the upper 30s!  

Bitter cold follows in early next week. Right now, the Wednesday flake in the forecast looks like a light event, however the week stays cold.

Stay warm!


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