The mother of a Randolph student who police say was attacked by her teacher is speaking out. 

Leah Gibbons said her 9-year-old daughter was assaulted by a teacher’s aide at a Randolph Elementary School. 

Randolph police arrested Andrea Cornelius, a special needs teacher’s aide at the John F. Kennedy School on Tuesday. 

Court paperwork said Cornelius went after the girl four time in the month of May. Cornelius is accused of slapping the child in the forehead, pushing her down stairs, shoving her into a set of doors and grabbing her by the arm. 

“That’s crazy that nobody told that,” Gibbons said. “It’s crazy. How is all of this going on and nobody telling anybody, that is unacceptable.”

Gibbons said a new teacher suspected a problem and asked the kids to write down what was going on. When that teacher read their responses she went to the principal and that’s when police got involved. 

“It was more than one student, more than my daughter,” Gibbons said. 

Court paper work indicates there’s at least one other victim. 

Gibbons said she is trying to figure out whether to keep her child at the school. 

“Nobody is supposed to put their hands on you,” Gibbons said. “Nobody at any given time. Nobody.” 

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