I can take 100 degree heat….I worked in Charlotte, NC for 6+ years….I actually find it less taxing than 80 degree weather & high humidity, which is what we have had the past two days. There is something about that heavy, muggy feel to the air that makes outdoor activities challenging (sans the beach/pool parties). The upshot of the high humidity is that at least we have (had) a shot at some much needed rain today but once again, for most of us it was a miss….only a few lucky towns along the I-95 corridor saw any type of beneficial rain (Marblehead picking up 1.04″ of rain in 26 minutes was too much of a good thing).

We get a break from the humidity tomorrow with dry, comfortable air. It’s a *top 10* kind of day with sunshine, light wind & low humidity as temps head for the 80s. Beach it…or pool it, whatever floats your boat.

Friday is our next tango with humidity which means it will also be our next chance of any beneficial rain. Once again though, this rain chance will be scattered storms, with some towns getting hit with rain while others hear some rumbles, feel some sprinkles and wonder if rain-dancing actually works (it does, so be careful what you wish for). As for the timing of these storms, probably not until after 4pm (even later at the beaches)…decent day for outdoor activities.

The reason for the storm threat is a cool front, which this time of year, behaves more like a Texas dryline…ushering in dry air versus cooler air. The front is fast-moving as it has Holiday Weekend plans for the North Atlantic, leaving a huge bubble of dry/warm air in its wake….translation, our Holiday Weekend is awesome. Sunshine all 3 days with low humidity and a warming trend..near 80 on Saturday and into the upper 80s by the 4th. Weather looks great for fireworks Saturday, Sunday & Monday Night.



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