No Longer “High & Dry”

I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July weekend!  Welcome rain is falling around the area as we get back-to-the-grind this morning.  The wet weather will be focused along and south of the Mass Pike through the morning, with clearing expected this afternoon.  As I type, it’s mainly just showers/sprinkles around Boston and points north – with more moderate, steady rain near Buzzard’s Bay, Cape Cod and the Islands.  New Bedford and Nantucket are already reporting more than 0.50″ as of 6:30am.  However, north of the Mass Pike, totals are closer to 0.05″ or less.  It’s been so dry lately, we’ll take whatever we can get.

On top of the headache you may be packing into your Tuesday morning (we appropriately refer to a night of drinking as “borrowing happiness” in our house), you’ll also notice an increase in humidity.  Of course, yes, obviously the rain is making things WET – but even into this afternoon, after the rain has moved out, it will still feel a bit sticky.  The bone-dry days are done, and we head into a more typical “hot-hazy-humid” pattern for a bit.  Rain clears by mid-morning, and we’ll get the sunshine back this afternoon.  Highs will be in the low 80s today… then get ready for tomorrow!  We’re headed well into the 90s!  I do think that there will be a bit of a sea breeze into tomorrow afternoon, but we’re getting into the part of the summer that this is welcome news because it gives us a bit of relief from the heat.

We stay dry for Wednesday, and hot for Thursday… but there is a good chance at some storms on Thursday afternoon/evening with the passage of a cool front.  Thursday is a good day to be “weather aware.”

Just a side-note on the hot weather:  Make sure you’re reminding your kids to drink plenty of water.  I know it’s a given:  When it gets hot – hydrate.  However, the kiddos don’t often realize they’re not keeping up on their liquid intake and could use a reminder.  Remember, if you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.  There’s my “soapbox speech” for the day.

Good luck getting back to the “norm” today!  You have my full support… and coffee helps too.  – Breezy