I’ll tell you what – It’s not just the heavy rain out there, but also the humidity that has me feeling like I have to summon Moses and part the Red Sea in order to get anywhere!  It’s very wet outside… It’s very humid… but not all is lost!!

Rain has been fairly steady through the night and through this morning.  Many areas have more than an inch at 8am, and some even closer to 2″.  I’m even tracking some thunderstorms moving through the Vineyard, Buzzard’s Bay and the Cape this morning.  Nothing severe, but rumbles of thunder will definitely be heard and lightning and downpours will move along with these storms.

I really think this is the worst of it.  The heaviest band of rain is moving through now, and as we get through the rest of the morning we’ll just be wet and foggy.  All said and done, the forecast is still on track for 1-2″ in most spots with close to 3″ in some spots.  The Flood Watch remains in effect for the South Shore and Cape Cod through 2pm.

Past lunchtime though, it’s officially summer (Summer Solstice at 12:39pm!) and we could even get some rays of sunshine to celebrate!  I do still think there’s an opportunity to get out and about this afternoon/evening and even fire up the grill for good ol’ Dad.  However, along with that sunshine this afternoon, we’ll also get the heat we need to fire off some isolated storms this evening.  Best chance to see these storms will be in Western Mass. but if you are headed out, please be aware.  

Drier weather is in store tomorrow, but then our attention turns to Tuesday.  We’re still a couple of days out, but it looks like we could be tracking some strong/severe storms then.  Tuesday is an “all eyes on the skies” kind of day, with the potential for strong storms and damaging winds.  We’ll be tracking this, no doubt, so keep it with 7News.

Today is not only the first official day of summer, but it’s also the start of Lightning Safety Awareness Week.  Most people give the ol’ “Pishaw… Safety… Whatever” reaction to this type of story.  However, I really believe this is an important message for all of us.  My lightning story will air tomorrow on 7News, and you’ll be rendered speechless by some of this video.  Did you know that lightning can travel an average of 10-15 miles from the thunderstorm?  That means if you can HEAR the thunder, you are IN DANGER even if there’s blue sky above you!  It’s called a “bolt out of the blue.”  Just remember, “When thunder roars, go indoors.”  There is no safe place to be outside in a thunderstorm.  Keep your ears and eyes open and stay safe as we “weather” these summertime storms.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!  – Breezy

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