Odd day. High temps were quick to jump into the upper 60s, then as clouds got the upper hand they slumped back to the upper 50s and low 60s. Cool airmass settles in overnight to raze the temperatures a little more and push some suburbs into the upper 30s.

Decent recovery tomorrow with more high clouds streaming in. Overall, I’ll call it partly sunny.

A little challenge (and change) to the forecast Friday. A weather system rolls up on us from Long Island early on. It’s enough to bring the threat for a few showers from Quincy to Cape Cod at least through mid morning. This system was supposed to track offshore, but like its winter counterpart (with obviously less at stake), sometimes the weather models miscalculate the track of these “mini-systems” and they creep up on us.

This is a welcome change too. We need the rain, and it will come briefly (morning only) and before the holiday weekend takes hold. 

What’s not to love.

Er, maybe Saturday’s forecast. Chilly. Flat out. A cool front crossing Friday afternoon will shuffle 50s and 60s into New England for the start of Memorial Day Weekend. Sure, it’s not ideal and yeah, it might keep you out of the water on Saturday, but it beats rain, right?

Deficits continue to grow in that department too. Now over 4 1/2 inches in Boston since March 1st and almost 5 1/2 inches in Worcester! That’s pretty dry folks. 


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