It’s been quite a while since we had to talk about widespread rain, but that is what is back in the forecast.  Not only the rain, but also much cooler air will arrive.  

It doesn’t quite feel that way this morning as we start off warm and muggy and any breaks of hazy sun through the morning will allow for temps to rise well into the 70s.  Even near 80 around and south of the Pike is possible.  Once the wind goes northeast, temps drop all the way back through the 60s, into the 50s by dinner time!  The drop near the Mass/NH border takes place close to noon, while it takes until around 3-4pm to fall down in interior Southeast Mass.  

While a couple of scattered showers/thunder are around this morning, the more widespread action arrives in the afternoon/evening. Although the whole day doesn’t feature constant rain, when it rains, it may pour.  The atmosphere is loaded with water and as more widespread showers and storm form in the afternoon, there may be a few narrow bands of heavy rain.  Any downpour that hangs around for a while will be capable of producing some localized street flooding as a quick 1-2″ can fall (again, not ALL towns see this). It’s been very dry lately, so the rivers can handle the water, it’s just that if it rains too hard to fast, the ground doesn’t absorb all that water right away and you get that runoff.  A hard, dry ground also doesn’t initially absorb water well. 

We stay cool Monday and Tuesday with a few more batches of showers rolling on through.  It won’t rain the whole time, but these batches of showers will occasionally produce heavier rains.  By the time it’s all said and done, many towns from Sunday-Tuesday should pick up 1-3″ of rain.  Localized higher amounts are possible, although the depends on where the narrow channels of downpours form.  

Anyhow, have a good Sunday! 

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