Seems like yesterday I was curled up in a fetal position here in the weather office as the weather maps kept advertising snow & cold. Not one of my finer moments but this week has been the oppo. Yet another day that offers sunshine and warm temps. I’ll take it.

Springtime and summer is when pressure systems–both Low & High—move slower than their wintertime cousins. Reason being the jet stream that moves these storms along weakens (slower wind speeds) during spring & summer. These slower moving systems can work with and against you. Harken back to just lack week—day after day after day of cool, cloudy weather? We had a storm pinwheeling east of New England for several days. Well now we have High Pressure anchored here in New England and will continue to stay with us right through the weekend.

This High Pressure will supply us with several days of sunshine (few patches of clouds at times) and warm temps. The only issue will be a sea breeze each day and being early May that sea breeze can still keep temps cool (ocean temps in the 40s). So while inland locations will have highs in the 70s/80s, coastal locations will see high temps in the 60s.

Green Thumbers—this pattern is a dry one so you’ll have to do the watering as no widespread rain in the forecast for several days.

Enjoy Hump Day.


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