Residents in California report being chased by turkeys in the street

Police responded to some turkey trouble in a California neighborhood.

Officers say that turkeys circled people’s cars and trapped them inside.

Investigators said they also received reports of turkeys chasing people down the street.

Emergency dispatchers said they’ve been overwhelmed with calls with calls like this one:

911 Dispatch: “This is Davis, How’s it going? Can I help you? Hi!
Caller: Um, yeah. So there’s a turkey between 4th and F and then 5th and F that’s running around chasing after people.
Caller: I can’t leave. I can’t go anywhere. I’m literally stuck between two. I’m here at the corner of the building, and they won’t leave, and it’s just standing here and I got get somewhere.

Officials said they are working on a plan to control the turkeys.

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