It finally all came together today. Truth be told, we always had the potential to make it summery: sun angle was high, the snow was gone, the ocean temperatures warming. We just needed those elements to join forces to make it warm. Kind of like how all the pieces fall together for a snowstorm…except we’re not shoveling 80 degrees.

And hit it we did. For the 1st time since October 15th. 201 days!! In Natick, the wait was 239 days. Certainly a long time coming.

So the plan is to keep it warm this week. Even when we cool down (what I’ve been calling a ‘faint’ cooldown) by midweek, we’re still largely above normal (exception may be along the coast).

It’s been dry. The fire danger was high just about everywhere today with the low humidity, warm temperatures and a gusty wind from the south. I don’t see a lot in the way of relief in the week to ten day period. With full leaf out at least another week away (accelerated no doubt by the warmth), we’ll continue to see high fire danger. Tomorrow some easing will come with the higher humidity and the threat for a few isolated showers.

Speaking of, we could stand a good soaking. Although the groundwater was sufficiently recharged from the snowmelt, the soil is powdery dry in some places. This could become an issue this summer if we rely on scattered t-storms for our rainfall. We’ll have to see how it unfolds, but I’m wary.

In the meantime, enjoy the warmth and may the fourth be with you…always.


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