Didn’t Mary Poppins travel by “change in the wind?”  I’m pretty sure, if I have my Disney movies correct, that Mary Poppins was not only a magical nanny but also a great forecaster of weather.  Or wait, maybe it was the Good Witch Glinda that traveled by bubble; “People come and go so quickly here!”… like an 80 degree day in Boston.  Go with me on this… I have a point.  What I’m trying to say is, here in New England a change in the wind can change everything, whether it brings in Glinda or Mary for a quick visit, or just ninja chops our temperatures by more than 20 degrees in the matter of a few hours.

The heat was on for Mother’s Day, and we heard you… it was just too hot, too soon for many.  That SW flow was turning up the mercury yesterday, and it was the first day the AC was turned on in many households.  While we did get some relief today, it wasn’t relief for everyone.  The temp in Boston popped up to 80° at about 10am, and then the front came in from the NE and pulled temps back down into the 50s.  The front made it about as far west as Fitchburg, but we couldn’t spread Mother Nature’s AC any farther than that.  

Tomorrow, it’s back to the SW flow, which means temps are on the rise once again.  Tuesday’s highs are back into the mid to upper 80s and still a bit muggy.  This feels like August, no?  It’s also about as dry as August.  It seems it’s all about extremes this year; historical snowfall, one of the coldest February’s on record, and now near 90° within the first two weeks of May.  Ahhh… New England.  You never cease to keep us on our toes.

Tropical Depression Ana continues to lose steam, just near Chesapeake Bay this evening.  Ana will track NE overnight tonight and bring some rain in our direction.  The problem is, that rain is for the fish – and not for us.  We could see some scattered showers in the early morning hours tomorrow, but that’s it.  We really won’t even notice Ana passing by to our SE.  The better part of the day looks dry (so a tee-time at 9am is A-okay!) but we will be looking for a cold front to pop some showers and/or storms during the afternoon and evening hours.  All said and done though, we won’t get the moisture we desperately need; looks like less than 0.25″ for most tomorrow.  Just a sprinkle, really.  It looks like it’s up to us to fire up the sprinklers and garden hoses for the next 7-10 days.

Did you catch the part about the “cold front” I mentioned in all of my rambling?  YES!  Tuesday is the only day this week in the 80s, and after that we’re going “back to the future”… or present, as it were… with temps more typical for May.  It stays around 70° for highs through Friday, with a sea breeze dragging coastal temps back into the low 60s Thurs/Friday.  

Pete’s back tomorrow, so I’ll bid you adieu for now!  Oh, and please don’t tell him that I ate all of his chocolate covered almonds while he was gone.  – Breezy

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