Mike Walsh loves the shiny new refrigerator his son bought him for Christmas, but there’s quite the story behind why he got such a special gift.

Back in November, Mike came home to find that his refrigerator wasn’t working and all of his food was ruined. He called The Appliance Doctor, a Holbrook company that he had dealt with before. When the owner, Mark DeFonzo, came over, Mike said he was told the fridge wasn’t worth fixing, but Mark had a solution.

“He said ‘wait a minute. I think have one exactly like this in my shop, but it’s not white. Could you go with stainless steel?'” Mike said.

The new refrigerator would only cost him $650. Excited by the deal, Mike wrote Mark a check for $300 to put a hold on it. According to Mike, Mark promised to have the fridge delivered in the next few days, which it was, but not the right refrigerator.

Mike called The Appliance Doctor and Mark told him to use the refrigerator for the weekend and that he would deliver the correct one the following week. That’s when the mix-up turned into a problem.

“He does not answer the phone when I call,” Mike said.

Frustrated by the situation, Mike’s son finally bought him a new refrigerator, but Mike still wanted his money back. That’s when he called Solve It 7.

Mark told us that he was busy with other jobs, and simply hadn’t had time to deliver the correct refrigerator. He did assure us that Mike would get his money back, and after a few more calls from us he did.

Once the check was in his hand, Mike said “That $300 looked like $3,000,000 to me.”

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