Working out has always been important for James Jones and his wife, Yadira.

“My wife has medical condition and she needs more exercise,” James said.

Facing surgery and long battles ahead, Yadira and James decided to get a membership at Work Out World in Brockton.

Once she got her membership, Yadira met with a representative from Professional Fitness, a North Carolina based company that offers personal training in gyms across the country. She signed up for a year’s worth of personal training and paid a $359 deposit.

“They didn’t exactly explain to us that in her situation if she needed to get come out of the contract it would be a problem with fees,” James told us.

According to the contract, The Joneses had three days to cancel without penalty fees and get their deposit back. They mailed a certified letter the very next day, but James says the company didn’t get back to them.

Determined to get their refund, James and Yadira say they called Professional Fitness nearly a dozen times over five months. But instead of money, all they got were excuses.

That’s when they reached out to Solve It 7, saying “Story after story after story you haven’t failed.”

We got on the phone and called Professional Fitness, who told us that a manager would call us back.

A few minutes later Yadira’s phone rang, it was Professional Fitness apologizing for the inconvenience and saying the money was on its way. It got there the next day.

We reached out to Work Out World to let them know what Yadira and James had to go through and they weren’t happy. Alan Sperberg, the director of operations for Work Out World told us “Pro Fit and Work Out World are two completely separate companies. At Work Out World we want to insure high levels of customer service. If a customer has any issues with Professional Fitness we encourage them to reach out to us through WOW cares.”

As for James and Yadira, they’re happy enough to do backflips, saying “Always fight to the end. Use every source you’ve got.”

So if you have a problem that needs to be worked out – don’t sweat it. You can give us a call at (617) 367-7777 or send us an email

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