Some Like it Hot

Mother’s Day will be perfect for brunching or lunching outdoors… if you like the heat.  A big cool down yesterday had many of us sighing with relief – and others were cursing the return of jackets.  I said last night that it’s sort of a Goldilocks forecast; some days are too hot, others are too cold… and some are just right.  However, that’s all based on perspective.  So, we’ll go with a different analogy tonight.  It’s a “Some Like it Hot” forecast, just like the Marilyn Monroe film… kinda (but not really).

For those who do like it hot, tomorrow is your day!  

Sunday starts out much like Saturday; low clouds and areas of fog.  A Dense Fog Advisory is in effect again for Buzzard’s Bay, the Cape and islands.  Sunday sunshine (appropriately) will chew away the clouds for most of us into tomorrow afternoon, and the mercury will rise.  A southwest flow has kicked in and temps are on the rise.  Highs on Sunday will be in the low to mid 80s.  If your mom is anything like mine, buy her brunch in a restaurant with air conditioning and Diet Coke.  

Monday is a little tricky.  While I do expect highs to be in the low 70s for most, temps will fall in the afternoon again – and our afternoon/evening will feel much like yesterday’s afternoon felt: Chilly.  Monday is a day where you want to bring a jacket with you to work, just in case you need it.  Better to be safe than sorry.  Cape Ann may be stuck in the 50s for the day.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Ana, and she has moved up the status ladder to a tropical storm now.  Currently she’s just off the coast of South Carolina, and will bring quite a headache to the coastal areas of both South and North Carolina through the weekend.  Ana is moving slowly to the NW currently, but eventually she’ll find the need to get back out over open waters and head off to the NE.  

It doesn’t look like we see much of an effect from this storm here in the Bay State.  Tuesday will be warm and humid (close to 80) – but a front will move through on Tuesday afternoon as Ana is passing by to our east – and both of these things in tandem could bring us some scattered showers and storms on Tuesday.  It doesn’t look like much moisture (< 0.25″) but it could also come along with some rumbles of thunder.

Yes, some do like it hot.  For those who don’t, you’re in for a treat for the middle to the end of next week.  Temps will be more seasonable (mid 60s to near 70) with plenty of sunshine.  

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there!  – Breezy