Football player seriously injured last year gets a special homecoming

SOUTHGATE, MI (NBC) — A member of a Michigan high school football team mades a special appearance at homecoming and showed the true meaning of courage.

The Southgate Anderson Titans are ready for homecoming, but this game is truly a home coming for number 99, Issaic Allard.

This is Issaic’s first time back after suffering a huge setback last year.  The 17-year-old suffered a brain aneurysm which left him in the hospital for months with partial paralysis and the inability to speak.

Despite all of this, Issaic never gave up and is determined.

On this night Issaic is back in his uniform, ready to leave his wheelchair behind and take his first steps with his team.

Issaic admits getting to this moment was tough and its a slow process but he proves he has what it takes.

He stands at attention proudly as the marching band plays the National Anthem.

“It was emotional to see that,” says head coach Mitch Dobek. “Because he fought his way back to do what he wanted to do.”