More often than not, the weather moves from west to east across the county, and we look to our west for our incoming pattern.  Lately, that hasn’t been the case as the patterns been all jammed up, and a low has been stuck wobbling around the Northeast and Southeast Canada. 

Although the pattern is “stuck”, you can get a few day to day changes as any wobbles or weaves, with the low to the north of us, have some influence.

The latest wobble with that low will do a couple things today:  1) Allow for lighter winds, and eventually sea breezes to kick in, keeping it coolest at the coast.  2) Increase the amount of instability today, allowing for more clouds in the mix and even a few scattered sprinkles and showers this afternoon.  Most showers are brief and won’t amount to much rain.  The rain chance today runs around 30%.

Monday afternoon, Monday night and early Tuesday features a better chance of a few showers before we transition to a drier pattern by late Tuesday afternoon.  Dry weather should prevail from then, through the end of the week. 

We do have to track an ocean storm to our south late next week, but as of now, it appears that’ll stay south of us. It does help keep the winds onshore with temps in the 50s at the coast, while we’re in the 60s inland. 

We still haven’t hit 70 in Boston this year, and it looks like we won’t through the end of the month.  Do I see any 70s or 80s ahead for the city?  Well, it’s a long way out, but I wouldn’t be surprised to get there for a day or two after the first few days of May, perhaps just after next weekend.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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