Hard to quantify the summer (Wait, you mean you’re still waiting for the 21st to call this summer? As meteorologists, we’ve been in summer mode since the 1st!) so far. We’ve had our bouts of warm…and cold. But the numbers don’t lie. So far in Boston, we’re 3.4 degrees below normal, Worcester .6 below. 

And I see no reason that should change in the coming 7-10 days. Not necessarily cold, but certainly no searing heat and humidity. That seems certain. 

Although some believe summer is meant for heat and oppressive humidity, we can still find some gems in the forecast when the numbers hover near or below normal. Three of those are on our horizon in the coming days.

Notice I didn’t say four.

The remnants of Bill are on the move in Northern Texas and Southern Oklahoma. His movement is north now, but a turn to the northeast is expected by tomorrow. A journey through the Ohio Valley is in order, then he turns his eyes on the Northeast.

No, I didn’t say New England specifically. There’s no sure sign that Bill will be in top form when he arrives. Could just be a compact, intense 3-4 hour band of downpours (wind is out in all respects). For that reason, I’m not washing out Father’s Day/1st Day of Summer. Timing could also be to our benefit too. As Bill comes north, he’ll catch the westerlies, a fast-moving band of wind in the upper atmosphere that may pick up his forward speed and send him out over the fish early in the day…or even in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Plenty to work out. You just work on making these beach days through the first part of the weekend.


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