Monday was pretty decent as far as Mondays go. Cool start, warmer, brighter finish. But what got everyone’s attention was the Tornado Watch issued for parts of Westernmost Mass. and Central New York.

Throw a Tornado Watch down on a map, and you’ll certainly make people anxious. But like many severe weather outbreaks that happen far to our west, this one has a hard time translating east in this particular setup.

What’s at work is a cool front that’s sliding (or should I say limping) east. It’s not crossing New England until late evening tomorrow, so that storm threat will be in our neighborhoods on Tuesday.

The parameters are a little different – i.e. I don’t see as much sun or a threat for tornadoes here – for tomorrow. That said, storms have a mind of their own, so keep an eye to the sky anytime after noon and predominately from 3-8pm.

Humidity crept back into the picture today and appears to be a silent partner in the upcoming days. We’ll see it back off Wednesday, then come roaring back late in the week.

If you’re the “forward thinking” type, you may already have your eyes on the weekend forecast. I’m not crazy about the idea of starting it off with a lot of sun, however. Depending on where a front sets up, it could either be washed out or super steamy with afternoon storms. 

Lots of weather ahead of that time, however. You know how I hate overlooking the days to get to a weekend, a storm, or an event. Live each day to the fullest….and worry about the next tomorrow.


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