Summer sunshine for the weekend.  That’s just the way we like it!  Chris Lambert wrote earlier today in his blog that “timing is everything,” and that was certainly the case with the front last night.  By the time most of us were in “rise and shine” mode this morning, we are all thinking “What showers?”  The heat set in this afternoon, taking Boston up to the mid 80s – and the beaches were filled with sun-worshippers.  Trust me, if I did work weekends, I would have been right there with you!

Tomorrow is another sun-shiny Sunday!  Though, the one change from today into tomorrow is that the onshore wind will be a little more prevalent.  What I mean to say is, I don’t think we’ll be seeing temps pop up into the 80s for anyone along the coast tomorrow.  Still, the bright sunshine makes low 70s feel like an oven on hot sand, in my opinion.  Water temps are starting to warm as well.  59° for the North and South Shores, and around 61 for the South Coast and Buzzard’s Bay!  Maybe not quite “knee-deep in the water somewhere” temps – but we’ll get there, and this is a start!

High clouds will start to spread in tomorrow afternoon ahead of a warm front.  The clouds will really fill in as we get into Sunday evening/night – and this is ahead of a potentially shocking Monday.  We have one more week of real “spring” – before the Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year, next Sunday, June 21st).  It looks like Mother Nature will be taking her opportunity to bring spring back to the forecast to start the work-week.  

Monday looks MUCH cooler, and quite wet as well.  While looking at the forecast models, I’m going with “majority rules” on this one – which would put us under widespread showers and some spots of heavier rain through the better part of Monday.  It looks to me like this could be around 1.00″ for most.  Now, there is a couple of models that stand out from the crowd – looking more like scattered showers and only 0.25-0.50″ of rain (higher amounts west of Worcester).  So – if you have to know NOW what Monday will look like, I’ll give you this:  “Plan for the worst and hope for the best!”  (*GROAN* “Thanks, Bri.” *sarcastic eye-roll*)  

For a golf day, it could very well be a washout – but even if it’s not, it doesn’t look like anyone will stay dry on Monday.  Best to maybe adjust plans a bit if you can??  Also, the question of “Will the Red Sox play on Monday” came up on Twitter.  My answer:  “It’d be easier to forecast a win or a loss!” – Okay, that was snarky, but I’m working on a beautiful Saturday! :c)  My real answer about the game on Monday is, “A delay is likely in the cards…”  I’ll continue to watch this.

You have tickets to the game on Tuesday?  Me too!  Tuesday, they will definitely “play ball!” at Fenway, as the temps are back into the 70s with afternoon sunshine.

Soak up the sun tomorrow.  – Breezy

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