#TBT–Winter style! Cold air is returning and the flakes are flying as I blog. That’s March for ya–one day in the 40s and the next snow & cold. For those of you north of the Pike it’s really all about that cold (no trouble) but south of the Pike it will be about snow 7 cold. It’s a storm that is scooting south of New England which puts us right on the northern edge of the storm. Most of the accumulating snow is along the South Coast/Cape/Islands where 3-6″ of snow is likely in towns such as Plymouth–New Bedford–Hyannis–Chatham while metro Boston sees only a coating–maybe an inch. We all see falling temps through teh day–starting in the low 30s but finishing in the 20s by evening.

Friday is a cold day. All day. We start where we have started several mornings this winter–in the single numbers & teens and struggle to reach the 20s by afternoon but at least that sun will shine! Saturday is another cold start to the day but we’ll make the 30s by afternoon–a testament to that strengthening March sunshine. Sunday sees more clouds but still 30s for highs.

All signs are pointing to a break in our bitter pattern next week as the jest stream re-shapes itself to flow from the Pacific Ocean rather than the Arctic Circle. That means daytime highs easily reach the 40s and perhaps even the low 50s by middle of next week.

(Sharing moment: Having grown up here it drove me crazy when the weather folks would advertise a big warm-up 5 days away only to have it end up much colder than forecasted. For whatever reason this has always stuck with me so I find myself more conservative with my temperature forecasts in spring than other times of year (as well as other forecasters). I’d rather under promise-over deliver than false advertise.)

In any event–warmer weather next week!


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