That cold ocean water is a temp killer when onshore breezes hold strong at the shore-line this time of year.  We saw that yesterday as highs struggled to hit the lower to middle 50s along the coast despite a lot of sunshine.  Inland, temps warmed into the mid 60s to lower 70s, a much more Spring-like feel to the air. 

Both inland towns and coastal towns are warmer today as the trend up continues.  Locally onshore breezes hold temps close to 60 at the coast, but the numbers rise into the lower to middle 70s inland.  While more sun than clouds are in the skies through much of the day, a pop-up shower inland is possible this afternoon thanks to a bit of instability with cool air aloft that has to move through.

We continue to warm-up in a big way tomorrow as highs soar into the upper 70s and lower 80s on a strong enough southwest breeze that prevents any sea breeze from working in.  Although, that southwest direction does keep the Cape and Islands down into the 60s.  In Boston, it’ll be the warmest weather we’ve seen since the 81 on October 15th.  We should be right around 80 or 81 in Boston tomorrow.

The pattern remains mild through next week, featuring more 70s and 80s, although Wednesday and Thursday may feature locally cooling sea breezes.

Overall, the nights stay well above freezing, so if you’re kicking off the Spring planting season this week you won’t have to cover up the plants/flowers at night, although with limited rain, you may have to water them a few times.  Other than a few scattered showers Tuesday and an afternoon shower/storm Saturday, the pattern favors dry weather.

Enjoy your Sunday and the warmer weather ahead!

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