It’s all about perspective… and everyone is entitled to their own opinion – but mine is that Mother Nature is playing Goldilocks with us;  It’s too hot… it’s too cold… and it’s sometimes (usually for a fleeting moment) just right.  This week’s forecast has “just right” weather in it for everyone, with both ups and downs.

Of course, it’s New England.  We have to watch for wacky weather to come in from all directions.  Today was no exception.  A back-door cold front brought in cooler weather from the NE, and temps dropped throughout the day.  It was almost a 20-degree difference in Boston between 9am (71°) and 6pm (52°).  That’s a big difference!  It’s one of those days when you’re grateful you caught the forecast with Pete last night or J.R. this morning, so you knew to grab a jacket before you headed out to conquer this Friday.

Moisture is also increasing overnight tonight, which will bring in the clouds and the fog.  Patchy fog is likely for coastal areas through the next two mornings.  A Dense Fog Advisory has been issued for the South Coast, Cape and Islands.  

Now, I sing for you:  “The sun will come ooouuuuut tomorrow!  Bet your bottom dollar that toooomorroooow there’ll be suuuuuun!”  Yup, Annie, that’s true.  However, it won’t be sunny for everyone.  It may take the better part of the day for the sun to chew away the clouds in SE Mass, and therefore, temps will be chillier the farther SE you go (upper 50s to around 60°).  Elsewhere, highs on Saturday will be much like today’s highs (70-80°), only those temps arrive during the proper time of the day, in the afternoon.

Does Mom like the heat?  Does she golf?  If your answer was “yes” to both of those questions, then Mom is in for a great Mother’s Day – and we’ll even throw in some humidity to sweeten the deal (making it feel even hotter, if Mom is out for a round).  Looks like temps will be back into the low to mid 80s on Mother’s Day!  

Still looking for a great gift for Mom?  If your answer is “yes” again, then I have the perfect idea…  It’s a “self-cooler neckerchief” (pictured to the right).  My mom totally loves them (the picture is not of my mom).  They have a gel pack in them that you cool in the freezer, and it’s supposed to keep your body temp down while you’re wearing it – or something.  Personally, I think it’s about as “cool” as a fanny-pack, but my mom digs those too.  

Quick mention on Subtropical Storm Ana:  At this point it really doesn’t look like we’ll see any weather from this.  She isn’t moving much now, and while she will track to the NE over the next few days – this one is likely for the fish, instead of the Bay State.  We could however, get a few scattered showers and possibly even thunderstorms on Tuesday due to a front moving through.  

Cooler temps are in store for the middle to end of next week.  So if you’ve been roastin’ lately and you don’t like it, summer temps are out and spring is back in starting on Wednesday.  Have a great weekend!!  – Breezy

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