We really haven’t seen much change in our weather from day to day through the last few days.  Temps have stayed below normal, clouds have moved in every afternoon, and the threat of late-day sprinkles has been looming over our area since Friday.  So, what gives?  

Well, the weather pattern is in a traffic jam right now, and that has kept a big upper-level low just near Nova Scotia.  It’s just been hanging out there, wobbling around, doing a little dance, and bringing in the cooler temps.  After day 4 of these similar conditions, we’re ready for a break.  We just need some high pressure to summon up some courage like a Massachusetts Driver, honk the horn, and get that low movin’ out.  

The low will track closer to New England tomorrow (prepare for the “beep, beep, beep” like a truck backing up) and it brings us a better chance of showers and light rain as its parting gift.  So, the only difference in tomorrow’s weather from the last few days is really the increased threat of getting a bit wet.  I did get the question last night if it’s enough rain to soak in a layer of fertilizer on the lawn.  It’s not a lot of rain (around 0.25″ for most by midday Tuesday), but it could do just the trick.  Plus, it looks to be our best threat for “wet” all week… maybe.

Heading to a Red Sox game in the next few days?  Temps will be chilly (in the low to mid 50s), but Monday is the only game you need to bring the raincoat. 

We will get a short bit of relief from these cool 50 degree days on Wednesday.  That’s my pick-day of the week, with temps in the mid 60’s.  However, if you’re in a coastal area (yup, Boston, I’m looking at you), then it is another day in the 50s with a sea breeze.  BUT there will be more sunshine.  So, there’s that.  At least there’s that.

Friday is lookin’ tricky right now… Hard to pin-point whether or not we’ll get hit with a cool, rainy storm… but I am pretty confident that it’s going to get quite chilly.  Looks like a pocket of cool air moves in for Friday, and honestly – I’m struggling with my confidence for 50 as a high that day.  It’s more likely we’ll be stuck in the 40s on Friday if it plays out like I think it will.  I’ll keep an eye on it.

Better things are in store after Friday… So, this week it may not be #TGIF, but more like #TGFIO (Thank God Friday is Over).  Maybe 70 after that?  It “May” happen.  (Haha, see what I did there?)  :c)  -Breezy

P.S. I couldn’t help myself with this picture:  

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