Bri Eggers shows how they make.. what else.. a Bacon and Brie omelet at Ward 8 in Boston.

And here’s what you need to make it yourself:

Cooking supplies 
1 8 inch omelet pan nonstick
1 heat resistant rubber spatula
1 bowl (to whisk the eggs)

3 eggs (cracked and beaten)
about 1 1/2 oz bacon diced 
2 tablespoon scallion sliced thin into rings
1-2oz brie cheese or similar cut into thin strips
1 tablespoon butter (unless you use the fat from the bacon)
sprinkle kosher salt to taste

1. heat your nonstick pan and cook the diced bacon. When the bacon is almost done drain the bacon grease out of the pan. At this point you can keep a tablespoon of bacon grease or just keep about a tablespoon of bacon grease in the pan.
2. Next add the scallions swirl pan for about 15-20 seconds then add eggs. Swirl the pan in small circles and use the spatula to swirl the eggs in small circles the opposite direction. Make sure to keep cleaning the side walls of the pan with your spatula as the eggs will stick to them. Once you can swirl the pan and the eggs are cooked on the bottom and siding on the pan it is time to flip.
3. Commit to the flip**. do not hesitate or the results will not be good. once you have flipped take off the heat and add the cheese to the middle of the omelet. Fold one half of the eggs over then roll the omelet onto the plate folding the other half.
** one way to practice flipping is to put a piece of bread into your omelet pan and flip that. 

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