Yowza……what a day yesterday…reminded me of my time in Minnesota…those early summer days that are loaded with warmth & wind. Many cities & towns reached the low to mid 80s—even coastal areas! Our warmest day since the middle of last October–even longer in some cases. Usually, to get this kind of warmth into New England this early in the warm season you need wind to transport the heat in here and fend off the chilly ocean air. That happened yesterday.

That won’t happen  today. We have a weak weather system dropping through southern New England this morning with a fair amount of clouds as well as the risk of a few isolated showers early today. Most towns stay dry but we do have more clouds to contend with early in the day. This combined with less wind will prevent temps from reaching the low-mid 80s. In fact, with less wind around, coastal areas (including Boston) are likely to see temps remain in the mid & upper 60s for much of the day. Still a nice day for eating tacos outside.

The remainder of the week sees more sunshine and seasonal temps. Each afternoon, a sea breeze will kick in so coastal temps will be in the 60s while locations farther inland will reach the 70s. Good times.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


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