In the world of dating websites and dating apps, there’s another option for those looking for love in Boston: Professional Wingwomen.

"We put them on a pedestal. We put them in the spotlight," said Framingham native Susan Baxter, who launched Hire A WingWoman in 2010. "What do I say? What do I wear? We help them with all of that."

The purpose of the company: to help both men and women living in and around Boston meet new people.

"It’s a tight knit city, and we kind of hold their hands through getting in there," Baxter said.

Professional wingwomen go out with clients to bars, networking events, and even workout classes to help break the ice with people the client is interested in.

According to Baxter, there are a few common mistakes people make when trying to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. 
"Missing prime times like after work. I see a lot of people trying to approach women or men if they’re in the middle of a conversation, and then I see people who bar hop too quickly, and they don’t give places a chance."

And while technology can be helpful, she says people should remember to step away from the screen.

"Be online, but also be out there. Join clubs, go to meet up groups, anything. Any way you can meet someone I say is great."

Brandi has been a professional wingwoman for the past two years.

"I’m always the person that starts conversations with random strangers at the bar. It’s just always, it’s been my cup of tea I guess," Brandi said. "When you are going out with your friends, you are usually focused on hanging out with them. When you have someone that is specifically there to help open conversations, it makes it a little bit easier for you."

Brandi’s advice for those looking for love: Keep an open mind.

"You shouldn’t focus so much on trying to find someone or having such a specific type because you never know."

And while you may not always meet that special someone while out with a wingwoman, Baxter says it can still be a learning experience for clients.

"If you don’t get three phone numbers that night, it’s okay. You built up your confidence, and you had fun doing it, and you had fun trying." 
According to Baxter, the demand for wingwomen varies from season to season. Summer can be quiet, while the fall and winter, including the lead up to Valentine’s Day, are busy. 

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