About That Storm Threat Saturday Afternoon

Temperatures, humidity levels, and rain chances will increase by Saturday afternoon.  But this will be about our only chance of rain for the next week.

A warm front will bring…as you can probably guess…warmer, more humid air to the area late on Saturday along with a chance for showers and thunderstorms.  Temperatures could easily climb into the low 80s in this scenario.  BUT, it looks like clouds and rain will move in before that happens.  So, expect high temps in the mid 70s for most, near 70 for the Cape and the Islands.  The temperature tells you how warm it is, the dew point tells you how humid it is.  The higher the dew point, the higher the humidity.  It’s a simple as that.  Dew points were in the 40s and 50s early on Saturday.  That’s very comfortable.  Dew points in the 70s are really uncomfortable, more like oppressive.  We won’t get that humid, but dew points in the low and even mid 60s will be possible late Saturday overnight into early Sunday.  That’s definitely noticeable on the humidity scale.  So Saturday night will feel a bit muggy.

Its that humidity that will fuel some isolated heavier showers and possibly even a few thunderstorms.  For the last few days we have been concerned about the possibility of some strong to severe thunderstorms in southern New England.  It now looks more likely that the strongest storms will move south of Boston.  In fact, the latest outlook from the Storm Prediction Center issued around 9 am moves the “slight risk” area even further south and west.  So, CT has a better chance than MA of seeing severe storms.


With the strongest storms, heavy rain and gusty winds will be the biggest concern along with a small risk of hail.  In the Boston area, expect showers with maybe a few rumbles of thunder.  Still, with all of the moisture in the atmosphere, some spotty heavier showers will be possible.  Most areas will see only around a quarter of an inch of rain or less.  However, some higher rain totals will be possible if you happen to get caught in one of those heavier showers.  Keep in mind, this is a close call.  A slight northern shift could mean some of those stronger storms make it into the Boston area.  So be “weather aware” Saturday afternoon, have your favorite weather app loaded (hopefully its  the 7 News app), and keep your eye to the sky.

The best chance for rain will be late Saturday afternoon into early Saturday evening.  There should be a bit of a clearing trend after dinner-time Saturday evening.  So, if this is date night, you might have to dodge some rain drops heading out to dinner, but you should be in the clear after the movie.

A cold front will move through the area early on Sunday.  There is a slight chance we could see an isolated shower or maybe a sprinkle with the passage of the cold front but most of us will see only some clouds Sunday morning.  The bigger story is the gusty winds and the (you guessed it!) cooler weather behind the front.  Temperatures may briefly warm into the low or mid 70s late Sunday morning before falling back into the 60s Sunday afternoon.  Winds will frequently gust to 35 or even 40 mph on Sunday.  Temperatures drop to the low 50s and upper 40s late Sunday night and high temps on Monday will only be around 70.  That’s about 5 degrees below average for mid-June.

After that…all quiet!!  Temperatures rebound to the upper 70s on Tuesday and stay there for the rest of the week.  Some low 80s will be possible away from the coast, especially late in the week.  The air will be dry, with very little humidity.  So daytime temps will be comfortably warm, and nighttime temps will be comfortably cool by June standards.  With the dry air in place…as you can probably guess again…there is little to no chance of rain after Sunday morning.