Weekend A 50/50 Split

With a general 0.50-0.75″ of an inch of sky water yesterday, it was a beneficial soaking for the lawns out there, however, that rain and gloominess is tough to completely shut off now as some drops and cool air linger today. Hey, we need the rain in the Spring, we just wish we could work on the timing of it.

I don’t expect nearly as much rain today as what fell yesterday but some patchy mist early this morning will yield to scattered showers by late morning and this afternoon. Most of the showers will be light, a tenth of an inch or less, but it’s enough to keep the damp and gray theme going. Highs struggle to crack 50 as afternoon temps slowly rise to the lower 50s late in the day. Showers are most persistent across the Cape and Islands where up to two tenths of an inch of rain is possible.

Sunday looks much better with partly to mostly sunny skies and temps in the mid to upper 50s at the coast to the middle 60s inland. Monday’s temps are close to that too, with clouds increasing in the afternoon, foreshadowing the next storm to come.

That storm arrives Monday night and lingers all the way into Wednesday morning. It’s a coastal storm with an onshore wind, so you know what that means…. gusty ocean breeze, wet weather and highs only in the 40s on Tuesday. Yuck!

Warmer weather breaks through by Thursday as highs crack 70 then.
Have a great weekend!
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