Winning Into The Weekend

With some patches of clouds overnight last night, temperatures weren’t as cool this morning as they were yesterday morning, allowing for a comfortable feel to the air heading out the door for work or to school. Sunshine will prevail again today with highs running close to 70. So not quite as warm as yesterday, but pretty close to it and still about 10 degrees above average for the time of year.

With mainly clear skies and low humidity over the next couple of nights, not only will it cool down efficiently at night, it’ll give us an opportunity to see some shooting stars. The Orionid Meteor Shower peaks tonight and Saturday night around 20 shooting stars per hour as debris from Halley’s Comet hits our atmosphere.

The theme of warm afternoons and dry air continues through the weekend, allowing for a warm Head of the Charles as well as great tailgating weather at Gillette. The weather “up north” looks good too for you leaf peepers with highs near 70 there after starting each morning in the 30s and 40s.

While the current pattern has been warm and dry, the shift in the jet stream will drive a cooler and wetter pattern in across the eastern third of the country early next week. We do stay warm Monday and Tuesday, but as humidity increases by Tuesday, so will the risk for a few showers. A better chance of rain, and perhaps a soaking rain, runs in here Tuesday night and Wednesday with showers perhaps lingering into Thursday.  Although the rain will be heavy at times, a good 1-3″ of water across much of New England will be welcomed news thanks to the last few months being dry for a good chunk of the area. In fact, over 30% of southern New England is back in a moderate drought.


For those of you looking for thoughts on the NOAA winter outlook… below is an excerpt for Jeremy Reiner’s blog on it from last night….

“Some have asked Does this warm fall mean a mild, snowless winter?! Short answer: Nope. There is some correlation of a warm November meaning a mild and limited snow winter but until we get there (November) it is a bit early to chat specific winter patterns. The upcoming winter does look to be a La Nina winter and for North America, that usually looks like this:

I realize you’re looking at that map & thinking..”Wow..near normal temps & near normal snow–hot take right there JR“…haha, that’s fair. There are a couple of other factors that will affect the winter pattern..Greenland Blocking as well as the strength of High Pressure near Florida (winter trips to FL should be sunny and warm btw!). Some early thoughts:
* Overall, a milder than normal winter but likely a few bouts of cold lasting days, perhaps weeks
* Stormy pattern….and with the jet stream right across New England, those storms are likely to be messy mix storms (La Nina winters do increase the risk of ice storms for the northeast)
* Lots of sunsets before 7pm. Lots of them.

More on the upcoming winter in the weeks ahead.”

Have a great weekend!

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