A Few Blips On The Radar

My second blog this week?!?! Indeed….and like the first, this one is loaded with some good weather! Check out our 7-day forecast..

Overall, some nice weather in store for the next several days but there are a few raindrops as well. Perhaps mostly noticeably is the mention of *isolated shower* for both weekend days. It is true, each day will offer the risk of a spot shower or storm but no washout in play here! In fact, I think tomorrow’s shower risk is mainly during the evening hours in southern New England (late afternoon up in northern New England)…

Sunday afternoon, we may see a shower or thunderstorm pop (more likely inland than at the beaches). After the weekend, another. more robust, shower threat shows up Tuesday evening. That is tied to a front that will plow into some heat & humidity late Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully we get a good soaking from those scattered storms as our pattern has been quite dry the past several weeks in New England..

You notice drought status up north of us and it is creeping south into our part of the world. Blogging about the need for rain on a Friday summer evening can get even the best of Jedi’s into trouble around these parts. Have a great weekend!