A Few Of My Favorite Things

It’s the kid in me no doubt but I love fast starts to winter–I love cold & snow in winter I also love fast endings to winter–by March, I am totally ready for springtime warmth & sunshine. The past two Decembers have been anything but a fast start, especially last December which was the warmest December on record for Boston and only 0.9″ of snow. This year, winter is definitely off to a fast start with some snow earlier this week, arctic blasting into New England today and yet more snow likely Monday morning.

The weekend is loaded with cold as both days will see temps in the low 30s, leftover wind tomorrow makes it feel even colder. Sunday we lose the wind but we also lose the sunshine. There could be a few flurries, patches of light snow Sunday evening but no travel issues Sunday or Sunday evening. Where things get dicey is Monday morning. A storm moves from Ohio up through New England and a path like that usually means a messy mix storm–especially for the coast. this map shows the breakdown of snow-mix-rain Monday morning:
The pink shading is the challenging part of the forecast as we just don’t know exactly how fast the snow will change to rain-sleet-freezing rain. the green shading is easy….some snow briefly but mostly rain and the white shading is mostly snow with some freezing drizzle at the end of the storm. The timeline of the storm looks like 12am Monday-12pm Monday with the brunt of the storm from 4am-10am Monday. Traffic nightmare. As for snowfall potential..
Those numbers could still change—most likely downard, not upward as this is not a powerhouse storm (moving too fast). The fast-moving nature of the storm also precludes any wind damage or coastal flooding. Whew. The storm exists stage right by early Monday afternoon so no travel issues heading to Gillette late Monday afternoon. Here is your game forecast:
Have a great weekend–more on the storm through the weekend.