A Little Bit of Everything

There is a little bit of everything in the 7on7 Forecast this week… Well, there ISN’T a beach forecast… I suppose that’s the one thing missing.  But it is December, after all, and it’s feeling like December should.  The cloud cover has been persistent this weekend, and yes that’s a bummer right now if you’re trying to get a view of the SUPERMOON!  Tonight’s full “Cold Moon” is the only supermoon of 2017.  So what makes it super-er than any other full moon?  The Moon’s orbit is at perigee, or at its closest approach to Earth.  This makes tonight’s full moon appear 14% and 30% brighter.  That is… if the clouds would clear out.  Gradual clearing is in store – just be patient.  I think past midnight tonight we’ll have better viewing – and again tomorrow evening.

The full moon really is certainly super… but it’s also causing some very high tides through the next few days.  Sunday through Tuesday we’ll be watching the high tide cycles for potential pockets of minor coastal flooding.  What’s more likely would be some splash-over and issues with the most vulnerable shore roads.  Luckily, we don’t have any onshore winds to make the coastal concerns worse.  If the NWS posts any coastal flood statements or advisories, we will be sure to let you know.

While the clouds have been persistent through the weekend, high pressure will plow those clouds away for tomorrow – and we benefit with more sunshine.  If these darker days of winter have you feeling a little blue (I get it, I have this problem too) go outside tomorrow and spend some time in that direct sunlight.  Our bodies need sun to process vitamin D which will help with the bluesy-mood.  We’re almost like plants… needing sunlight for our own type of photosynthesis.  Temps tomorrow are “normal” once again – in the mid to upper 40s.

Milder air moves in for Tuesday into Wednesday, taking temps into the 50s.  This is also the timeline we’ll track for our next round of showers.  You can see that below, with showers starting to move in late Tuesday and sticking around through much of Wednesday.  It’s a wind-driven rain, too.  Rain could be heavy at times and has a good likelihood of adding some snaffus to the Wednesday morning commute:

We’ll start off with mild temps on Wednesday morning; in the mid to upper 50s!  But then temps will gradual fall through the day.  The rain ends from west to east during Wednesday afternoon, and all said and done it looks like around 1″ is in store for most of us.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about a colder pattern ahead.  This is true; the cold air looks inevitable – and the pattern also looks “blocked.”  This means that the “cold will hold” once it moves in.  So, if we have the cold, will we get the snow?  We’ll see – and I do have some light snow in the forecast at the end of the week (mix at the coast).  If this rings true, we may actually get our first inch or more in Boston right on time this year, according to 30 year averages:

There is the possibility of some snow for the end of the week and into next weekend… but it’s still just a possibility.  Here are my honest thoughts on the subject:

So, for now – stay tuned for more details on next weekend.  Currently we need to focus on the mid week wind and rain.  Have a good week!  – Breezy